Cassie Ditolla (_byxthexthroat_) wrote in hot_secks,
Cassie Ditolla

5 Favorite bands:Hot Hot Heat, Rilo Kiley, Pretty Girls Make Graves, The Postal Service, Anything from the 80's
5 Words that describe you:friendly, fun,shy,artist,funny
Philosophy on life: i dont really have one. i just live my life and deal with things as they come to me.
Why you choose this philosophy: i dont think you should live your life in any certain way... it always changes and you never know whats going to happen.
Favorite article of clothing you own:my striped skirt
The most stylish thing you've ever worn:i cant pick i have a lot of stylish stuff
Sum up humans in a sentence: i dont thikn i can. people are way to confusing

new hurr cut.
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